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Urban Tree Services are offering free tree assessments within the Wellington region along with their free quote service. 
Our arborists are happy to answer any questions you have over the phone, or are more than happy to arrange a site visit.

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Pruning can also be necessary when trees show signs of stress.

How to know your tree might need pruning:

•    Dead or dying branches
•    Rubbing branches
•    Dieback
•    Excessive shooting
•    Overly extended or heavy branches
•    Outgrowing its space
•    Weight reduction
•    Formative pruning on younger trees

Other than tree health requirements, pruning can achieve desired outcomes for clients…

•    Canopy thinning for increasing sunlight
•    Reduction pruning to reduce the size of the tree
•    Canopy cleaning to remove dead, dying or diseased branches
•    Canopy lifting to improve access beneath the tree and increase              aesthetics
•    Pollarding as an alternative to reduction
•    Fruit tree pruning to increase fruit production



Timing is critical, if you notice sudden changes in your tree or any signs that the tree could be dying, diseased or dangerous, you should consult a qualified arborist as soon as possible. Preventative pruning can reduce the risk of a tree causing bigger problems if left for too long. Your friendly arborists at Urban Tree Services are available to give free advice concerning any issues.

Our qualified arborists can provide you with an assessment and advise you on the appropriate pruning needed for your tree. 
Urban Tree Services have highly qualified arborists with a broad range of experience when it comes to tree pruning, all pruning carried out by our arborists is in accordance with AS-4373 (pruning of amenity trees). This is an Australian standard that has been adopted by New Zealand and has been put in place to ensure trees are properly cared for by suitably qualified arborists. Research shows that incorrect pruning cuts or poor pruning procedures can have a detrimental effect on trees in the urban environment. This can include issues such as dieback, water shoots or epicormic shoots, tree decline and sometimes tree death. As such, it is extremely important to hire a qualified arborist performing tree pruning in line with industry best practices.

For a limited time, Urban Tree Services are offering a free tree assessment with every quote. To request a quote, fill out the form below with your details and one of our qualified arborists will be in touch with you.


Did you know that poor pruning on trees can lead to tree dieback, pests and diseases or even tree decline.